Evolving with Advanced Infertility Care

Mayo de 2015

In 1966 Dr. Diamond, a pioneer in the infertility field had a mission to open a center dedicated to infertility care. This year is our 47th Anniversary. As we evolve with advanced infertility care we are expanding our services to include all new technologies which are needed to provide our patients with the best care.
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Nutrition in Pregnancy

Mayo de 2014

The Diamond Institute is celebrating its 46th Anniversary and would like to welcome our Diamond Families to our Annual Family Day Party. We are deidicating this months newsletter to nutrition in pregnancy.
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la preservación de la fertilidad en pacientes de cáncer

Mayo de 2013

El Instituto Diamond está celebrando su XLV aniversario y quisiera darles la bienvenida a todas las familias Diamond en su Dia de Fiesta Anual Familiar. El Instituto Diamond recientemente empezó a ofrecer servicios de preservación de la fertilidad en el Centro de Oncologia CMMC. El boletin de este mes está dedicado a la preservación de la fertilidad en pacientes de cáncer.
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Fertility Awareness and Preservation

May 2012

Every year in May, Diamond Institute celebrates its anniversary in conjunction with our yearly Family Day Party.
We have chosen to dedicate this May's newsletter to fertility awareness and preservation. It is currently estimated that about 7.5 million Americans suffer from infertility. More than ever before, young women today are aware of the decline of fertility potential with age. Women are not alone in this situation. Men have their share of issues also.
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Nutrition in Twin Pregnancy: Aiming to reduce premature delivery!

January 2012

Unfortunately preterm births account for 17% of multifetal births with 24% of these being low birth weight (<2500g) and 26% with very low birth weight (<1500g). While bed rest and in some cases, a cerclage, may prove helpful in preventing premature delivery, nutritional intervention is the ONLY method that has been consistently shown to improve pregnancy outcome in multiples...
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October is the National Infertility Awareness Month

October 2011

October is the National Infertility awareness month. We take this opportunity to review some of the common questions patients ask themselves...
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Communication with patients in the time of new technology

September 2011

With modern medical care and treatment complexity, clear communication of medical information and treatment instructions become essential part of infertility treatment...
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Dear Patients, Physicians, Staff members and Friends of Diamond Institute

May 2011

The Diamond Institute is celebrating its 43rd Anniversary and would like to welcome you all to our Annual Mother's Day Party. This event is a celebration of all of the hopes and dreams that come with having a baby...
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